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President:Sonya Peterson Schumacher
Vice President: Dania Lukey
Treasurer: Debbie Moore-Yip
Secretary: Debbie Moore-Yip
Membership Chair: Dania Lukey
Show Coordinator: Sharon Bellomo

SGAC Liason: Sharon Bellamo
Newsletter Editor: You ?
Web Site Coordinator: Sandy Feder
Publicity/Promotion Coordinator: Sonya Schumacher
Field Trip Coordinator:
Photography: Sharon Rizzato
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Membership is open to artists who make their art using fire or extreme heat in their processes. All clay work must be hand-built, sculpted, or wheel-thrown. Artists decorating commercially slip-casted ceramics do not qualify for membership. Art in all other media must also be hand-crafted; no commercially produced, embellished work is allowed.

Membership fees shall be paid on an annual basis and dues shall be per calendar year beginning January 1 and ending December 31. For those new members who join after October 1, their membership shall run through to the end of the following year (ex. 10/2011—12/2012). This is a one-time courtesy for new, non-renewing members only. All dues must be paid by March 15th of each year to be retained on the active membership list and receive communications regarding meetings and upcoming events.

To begin your membership, review the club By-laws, then print and complete the application blank. When completed, send it along with your first year’s dues to the Membership Chair on the form. Welcome, and we'll see you at the next meeting!